Ventilator Care

What is a ventilator?

A ventilator is a special machine used to support breathing. These machines provide oxygen to the lungs of patients. They remove carbon dioxide from the body and assist in helping people breathe easier. They also support people who are unable to breathe on their own.

Ventilators can be used temporarily or long term, depending on the circumstance. A ventilator does not treat the disease or condition for failed breathing, it is used to assist and help patients breathe.

Variety of uses

A ventilator can be used in several ways, this is all dependent on the degree of damage in the lungs and the difficulty level of breathing of each patient. It is also dependent on the structural integrity of the respiratory system, primarily the trachea.

All patient needs are different while in care at Williamsburg Health Care. Some provide optimal care for patients with complex issues who require a ventilator due to serious situations such as respiratory failure resulting from pulmonary disease, injuries or neurological disorders.

Our staff is dependable

Williamsburg Health Care provides specialized nursing services for residents who are ventilator dependent. We have been specializing in ventilator care since 1985. Ventilator services are performed by highly skilled respiratory therapy technicians & licensed nurses trained in the area of respiratory therapy.

We consider our ventilator unit to be unique & are proud of the dedication our staff shows to all residents & their loved one(s) who are faced with the limitations & challenges of ventilator dependency.

Our staff of nurses and therapists ensure that the ventilator is always working properly and the settings are correct for each individual patient in our care. We will show the loved ones of the patient how to use the ventilator also, if need be. This would be used as a precaution in case an emergency situation occurs. Oxygen levels are always measured, to ensure the proper levels are administered and are monitored constantly.

What makes us different?

It begins with our highly educated and qualified staff. We hire only the most experienced individuals at Williamsburg Health Care. Our main focus is caring for our patients, that is why we hire quality staff, who go through an extensive background check and have experience in the industry. Our staff is trained to adhere to our processes and will have continual training and development while on staff at our facility.

Whatever care you or your loved one needs, our ventilator team, are focused on providing an aggressive approach to provide the best ventilation rehabilitation for all of our patients. Each staff member contributes and designs a health plan to fit each patients therapy needs.

Our staff at Williamsburg Health Care, will provide the best care for yourself or your loved ones. We will ensure the safety and also comfort for our residents. We make them feel as at home as we can and have nurses available at all times. When you are in care at Williamsburg, you are treated with respect and provided the care you deserve, whether it is short term or long term. We also offer an in-house pharmacy for the convenience of all of our residents. This not only promotes safety, but allows flexibility for our residents as well.

Contact us!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our ventilator care. We look forward to hearing from you.