Onsite In-House Pharmacy

Williamsburg is proud to provide in-house pharmacy services to all residents residing in the facility thereby eliminating the stress of obtaining prescription medications at local chain and mail order pharmacies. Our consultant pharmacist is also available to assist coordinating care with primary and specialty physicians for each resident. We will service facilities and be available for special condition pharmacy services.

Pharmacy services is a necessary part of the care that is placed on all nursing home residents. The convenience of having an in-house pharmacy is that these residents can easily have their prescriptions filled in a safe and effective way when they are needed. When the physician orders the prescription, it is conveniently filled at the facility and meets all requirements by Medicare, Medicaid and the needs of the patients. Since medications are being administered in house, there are guidelines to follow for the way they are accounted for, ordered, stored and most importantly dispensed. Therefore, the operating process differs from retail pharmacies. These type of in-house pharmacies only provide medication to the residents who are currently staying at Williamsburg Health Care. We will not be open to the public in general, as we are a “Closed Door Pharmacy”.

If your care doesn’t take you home but to assisted living facility/ALF, the Village Apothecary at Williamsburg can facilitate your medication needs with free delivery and individualized medication set ups. If your rehabilitation takes you home, our consultant pharmacist will still offer advice regarding your medication therapies, but as a closed door pharmacy will be unable to provide the medications to those able to return to a fully functioning home setting.


There are many nursing home or long term care facilities that do not operate an in-house pharmacy. That is another bonus that we provide at Williamsburg Health Care. It is important that we provide the upmost care for you or your loved ones and this feature sets us apart from some of the other facilities in the area.

Flexible Hours

The in-house pharmacy operates on a daily basis and also is able to fill emergency medications as needed. This provides a sense of ease to our residents and their families. Our pharmacist is experienced and understands the rules and regulations that go into in-house pharmacies. It is important to understand that these medications contribute to the well-being of our residents. These medications are strongly monitored, controlled and justified to ensure they keep residents healthy and out of harm’s way.

The pharmacist is also expected to document any irregularities of any medications being administered to our residents. These findings will be reported to the Director of Nursing or the facility’s physician. If there is a serious adverse effects, the facility’s physician and Director of Nursing are notified immediately to prevent and alleviate the condition. If the patient did not have any irregularities, this is noted and when the prescription renewal time occurs, they will be issued the prescription as needed.
As stated above, the in-house pharmacy is an intricate part of our facility. There are many benefits to having an in-house pharmacy and we take this privilege very serious. With all of these items documented and your pharmacist working hand in hand with the staff, we provide extra care for you or your loved one. Your mind will be at ease that they will have the best care available.

Contact us

We are always looking for ways to better serve you and your loved one, so please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about the medications. We are happy to help answer your questions and offer some peace of mind!